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PPR Female Double Battery

PPR Female Double Battery
PPR Female Double Battery

Technical Details

PP-R copolymer material; it is corrosion resistant, as well as being light-weight and cost efficient. 
It is extremely durable and resistant to high temperature and pressure. PP-R pipe and fittings comply with ISO 9901:2008, ISO 14001, TS EN ISO 15874-1, TS EN ISO 15874-2, TS EN ISO 15874-3, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, TSEK 28, DIN 18836 standards. 
It is produced for a diameter range of Ø20 - Ø160 mm pipes and fittings. 
GF Aqua system PP-R & PP-RCT Piping Systems are produced in 7 different types according to areas of usage and customer expectations: 
- PP-R Standard Pipe Systems (PN10-PN16-PN20) 
- PP-R Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe Systems (PN20-PN25)
- PP-R Stabile Aluminum Foiled Pipe Systems (PN20-PN25)
- PP-R UV Resistant Pipe Systems

Standard DIN8077-8078
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  • Model: PF052
CodeProduct NameDimensionBox/PcsL.PriceDiscountPriceQty
11020PPR FEMALE DOUBLE BATTERYØ20 X 1/2"20$2.160
11021PPR FEMALE DOUBLE BATTERYØ20 X 3/4"20$3.220
11022PPR FEMALE DOUBLE BATTERYØ25 X 1/2"20$2.660
11023PPR FEMALE DOUBLE BATTERYØ25 X 3/4"20$2.950
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